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Anthropology: Degree Requirements

Anthropology Minor

Anthropology 202: Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Anthropology 204 (formerly 232): Cultural Anthropology

Anthropology 206 (formerly 274): Language in Culture

Anthropology 208 (formerly 250): Introduction to Archaeology

Also need an approved 300-level course

Anthropology Major

An Anthropology Major is an excellent foundation for a wide variety of careers including but not limited to: museums, archives, legal, medical and health care, government agencies, business and environmental, nonprofit organizations and archaeological opportunities.

Anthropology 202: Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Anthropology 204: Cultural Anthropology

Anthropology 206: Language in Culture

Anthropology 208: Introduction to Archaeology

Anthropology 301: Reading Theory

Anthropology 400: Senior Seminar

Methods Requirement (one course required):

Anthropology 350: Ethnographic Methods

Anthropology 362: Field Work in Archaeology

Anthropology 363: Archaeological Analysis

Anthropology 378: Human Evolution (Formerly Forensics)

Electives: Sufficient courses from the Anthropology Department’s offering to meet the *minimum requirement